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Daan Olivier

Now retired, I am full time engaged in my lifelong interest in fine art and photography.  In 2018 I became a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS), have exhibited my work in many countries, received many awards, including an EFIAP from the Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique.  I am a graduate of The Art Institute UK (Art Appreciation).

I have travelled extensively for many years and worked and lived in many countries.  This influenced my body of work and I am at ease to do images in a wide range of genres, including street, abstract, minimalist, conceptual and contemporary genres. 

I spent my professional life in Broadcast Engineering and as senior executive responsible for numerous large technology refresh and business transformation programmes, both through organic growth and M&A.   These were in various developed and developing markets (UK, Eastern Europe, Russia & Ukraine, Nordic Region, Africa, Middle East, LatAm and Australia). 


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